Friday, Oct 21 - Social Evening
5:00-7:00pm at Botanico

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Get to know the participants, stretch your brain with fun activities and sample some of Botanico's delicious brew.
There is a headcount cap of 50 people for this portion of the event.

4:30p-5:00pRegistration, Welcome Drinks and Light appetizers
6:30p-7:00pActivity close and final remarks

Saturday, Oct 22 - Conference Day
9:00am-3:00pm at ISPP

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A day of learning, networking and technology with presentations by Phnom Penh's finest teachers.

8:30a-9:00aRegistration and Coffee
9:00a-9:15aWelcome and Opening Remarks
10:00a-10:10aSlam dunk explanation and "slams"
10:15a-10:35aSlam Dunk Session I
10:40a-11:00aSlam Dunk Session II
11:05a - 11:25aSlam Dunk Session III
12:30p - 1:25p Topic Session I
1:30p - 2:25p Topic Session II
2:30p - 3:00p Closing remarks, participant gifts, lucky draw and group photo
See the Presentations Lineup

Presentation Lineup

Keynote Speaker

Kichong Tran (ARC Hub PNH Founder)
Lessons I Wish I Learned in School

Ki Chong will share about his experience as a business owner in Cambodia over the last 3 years and about some of the hard lessons that have come from it. Surprisingly, some of these ideas run in contrast to what is traditionally taught in schools. Blending his experiences as a business owner and as an educator with Liger, Development Innovations and CCF, he'll offer practical tips for teachers to give their lessons maximal life impact.

Ki Chong graduated with honors from the University of California San Diego with a degree in International Economics. After nearly 4 years working in the aerospace industry as a project manager and international sales executive, he moved to Cambodia to start ARC Hub PNH with his brother Ki How. Ki Chong is driven by his love of adventure and travel as well as the belief that all people deserve equal access to opportunities and fair living standards regardless of where they were born.

Presentation Lineup

In Depth Sessions

Engaging Students in Authentic Global Projects
Kate O'Connell (NISC)

Discover opportunties for connecting your students to other students around the world through a variety of Global Projects.


Blind Kahooting - Introducing topics in Kahoot
Ben Devadoss (Logos)

Kahoot is a commonly used assessment tool, but did you know it can also be used to facilitate engagement and the introduction of new material? "Blind kahooting" uses a series of organised steps and questions to challenge and stimulate learners and provide more immediate feedback for teachers.


SeeSaw the easy app for Teachers
Amanda Jean (CISP)

I will be presenting on the very basics of seesaw and the magnificent things which it can do. "Seesaw is a multimedia journal that empowers students to showcase what they're learning at school. Throughout the school year, Seesaw builds an organized, digital portfolio of each student's learning, accessible by teacher, student and parent."


Learning Integration using Minecraft (2 hour session)
Matthew Dolmont (ISPP)

In this deep learning session, I will share examples on how videogames such as the infamous Minecraft can be leveraged to build student understanding of our world and our communities. In the first half of the session, we will examine a 5th grade unit studying animal trafficking and how Minecraft can be used as a tool to simulate a real world scenario in meaningful, engaging ways. I will share deployment tips, lesson plans and collaborative planning strategies for the development of integrated game-based lessons. In the second half, attendees will engage with one of these lesson plans, “playing” through a scenario as a typical 5th grade student in the role of a stakeholder in an animal trafficking scenario. We will then examine the outcomes of the virtual scenario and how it may relate to the world we live in.

Practical Ideas for Making the World Your Classroom
Jeff Holte (Liger)

There are more than 7 billion people on earth and countless organizations and experts just waiting to be a part of the learning in your classroom. You, your students, and technology can now easily make it happen. We will discuss and show a wide variety of examples of how to bring these interesting people and resources into your classroom without a lot of time or difficulty to enhance the learning of your students. Even I, your faithful presenter, will interact with you from the opposite side of the earth!


Nifty Google Apps that Keep us in Flow
Elaine Reimann (ISPP)

What apps help you? There are a myriad of useful and not so useful google apps available. Let's explore together those that work and support the life of a high performance achiever.

Breakout EDU - A platform for immersive learning games
Camille Garewall (ISPP)

Participants will be introduced to Breakout EDU. It is a game-based learning platform that can be designed for any curriculum at any grade level (grade 2 and up). Participants will be the students as they collaborate and use critical think skills to solve complex problems and break out of the box! A discussion will follow about how breakout edu can enhance student learning.

Digital Storytelling/Presenting Using Quicktime, iMovie, and Garageband (for Beginners to Intermediate Users)
Jon Banules (ISPP)

"Got a story to tell? Interested in getting into "film" or new media? Want to turn your students onto creating the ultimate mashups (movies)? Then come to this two hour workshop and learn about how to combine the best features of Quicktime screencasts, Garageband, and iMovie, as well as some ideas for how to design your little blockbusters! (There is still a place for pen and paper!)
We will start at a pretty basic level (as I've recently started learning about this too) so tech newbies are most welcome!
We will also explore some places on the internet where you can find content that has been licensed as free to use, remix, and share.
The only prerequisite is to come with some ideas for what you might be interested in making movies about (could be documentaries for teaching too) and a Mac with iMovie, Garageband, and Quicktime installed..."

Notes Slides

Print to Dig (2 hour session)
Matthew Clouter (ISPP)

You will be block printing using traditional art materials then taking photos of your work and running them through some simple photography filters to produce an online resource using different technologies.

Connected learning through Social Platform for English Language Teaching Across the Curriculum
Marcelle Houterman (ISPP)

SPELTAC is a work-based collaborative professional learning platform for supporting emergent bilinguals (ELLs) in international schools. More than 100 teachers have joined this platform to blog about improving their practices for ELLs. Join educators world-wide and create knowledge through collective inquiry.


Make an Island! Introduction to 3D game environment design in Unity (2 hour session)
Chelsea Woods and Jonas Andersson (ISPP)

Participants will need to bring a computer with Unity installed. We will learn about the different views and related tools in Unity and participants will use Unity Assets to create a 3D environment that can be used for a game. No experience needed! Possible integration ideas for Science, Math, Art, Social Studies, and more. In 2020, students will be able to design 3D games for assessment tasks in the same way that they can currently create movies and presentations. Jump in at the head of the curve!


Power Tips for Google Apps
Lyle Kozloff (Asian Hope)

20 tips that will power up your usage of Drive, Sheets, Presentations, Docs and help you work more efficiently!


Presentation Schedule

Slam-Dunk Sessions (20 min)

Slam-dunk sessions are rapid fire brain stiumulation.
In small groups, you'll travel between presentation tables and get so many ideas your head will spin.

  • How to get your social media organised
    Leigh and Emily (ISPP)

    Tools and apps to use to help you get your linkedin, twitter, gmail etc.


  • Simple Tech Tricks
    Grant MacDonald (ISPP)

    A quick overview of 6-7 apps and programs (google and non-google) to help save you time and to work more efficiently. Everybody welcome, but more of a focus for those who work in Secondary.


  • គន្លឹះក្នុងការប្រើ Google Chrome (Google Chrome, Tips and Tricks)
    Sokunrotanak Srey (Asian Hope)

    Using Google Chrome with multiple sign-in, tabs, extensions, incognito, and shortcut keys: be a power user of the software you use every day.

  • Anyone Can Code
    Alli Bukys (Liger)

    An overview of what resources are available online, for free, to teach programming to Grades 6-12 or learn programming yourself. Participants do NOT need coding experience to attend.


  • Twitter for nay-sayers: a cognitive revolution
    Marcelle Houterman (ISPP)

    This is a session for the Twitter nay-sayer. You've heard everyone rave about it, but you're still on the fence. Come and see what the hype is all about and discover Twitter as a cognitive revolution for professional learning.

  • Backchannel in Google Slides
    Elaine Reimann (ISPP)

    The advantages of backchannels and how to use them in Google Slides.

  • 3D Printing Introduction
    Chelsea Woods (ISPP)

    A primer on 3D printing: tools, sources and what it's all about.


  • Learn Electronics with Online Simulation
    Waseem Girach (Liger)

    Use online circuit simulation software to learn and prototype electronics without the cost of components!

  • Photo Management Made Easy with Google Photos
    Jon Banules (ISPP)

    Are you spending hours dealing with photos of your students? Do your devices get all clogged up during holidays? Are you having trouble managing where all your photos go? Let's discuss some solutions by exploring the artificial intelligence of Google Photos! Learn some tricks about how the app works that will help you better share photographs with students, parents, colleagues, and family! Please come with some photos already loaded into the app and the mobile app downloaded onto your device for maximum benefit!

  • Cool coding for kids
    David Higginson (iCAN)

    In this session you will discover free apps and software that you can use with your students, from kindergarten to grade 5.

  • Green Screens for Cheap!
    Matt Dolmont (ISPP)

    Green screen tech is cheap and easy to use.

  • Single Tasking: Practical Ways to Stay on Task
    Lyle Kozloff (Asian Hope)

    Research has shown that the more you multitask the less well you perform on each individual task. Learn some ways to reduce 'toggling' and to finish your stuff so you can enjoy life.


  • Trello: a Great Tool for Project Management
    Lyle Kozloff (Asian Hope)

    Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.


  • Jekyll, Git and Markdown: technobabble for 'easy to put together websites'
    Lyle Kozloff (Asian Hope)

    Jekyll, Git and Markdown are tools that will help you create a great looking site that you can edit offline and publish for free (even with a custom domain!). The tools are easy to learn, but deep enough you can create amazing websites.



You aren't going to want to miss it.